The Journey

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This is a very short book but it contains a powerful message for these times of global capitalism, environmental destruction, and religious intolerance. I have tried to focus on ways of achieving spirituality without the dogma and control of organised religion, to do this I have used what I consider to be apt sources from across the globe to reinforce my statements. Spirituality should be about connecting to divinity regardless of the social or religious environment we come from, fundamentalism is just devisive and a distraction from what is really important. Originally published in Ireland only, this revised and expanded edition was published by Moon Books in December 2012.


"The Journey combines the author's thoughts with eclectic teachings from throughout the world... thought-provoking." Evening Herald (Irish)

"This little book certainly gives much food for thought on our attitudes to life and it also gives an insight into religious beliefs which have more in common with Christianity than one might think; it seems particularly pertinent for the times in which we live." Big Issue (Irish Edition)

"This small book is one of those unusual publications that you can read in half an hour but leaves quite an impression... It reads like a gentle conversation and I very much enjoyed it - picking up sone insights along the way. I felt that the message was quite relevant for today: that there are many paths to truth." Immrama Magazine

"A handy small reference and reminder of the essential unity of every spiritual path, but also a working notebook and starting point for the owner to add to the collection with their own favourites, and the format lends itself to this use." Touchstone Magazine

"This is a physically small book with an enormous and timely message. Luke Eastwood draws together the strands of holy writings and sayings through the ages to show that they all give us the same message." Earth Craeftes

"An interesting and accessible read... it has a positive message." Books Ireland

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