The Druid's Primer

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'Luke Eastwood gives us the first accessible Irish study on druid history and practice. This book opens the door to Celtic spiritual practice with clarity and grace.'
Caitlín Matthews, Author of Encyclopedia of Celtic Wisdom & The Celtic Spirit

'A solid introduction to Druidry from a distinctively Irish perspective, The Druid Primer is a welcome addition to the still very modest list of practical books on the Druid path, and deserves a place on the bookshelf of anyone interested in Celtic spirituality.'
John Michael Greer, Grand Archdruid of the Ancient Order of Druids in America and author of The Druidry Handbook.


I think an alternative title to this book would be “Everything you ever wanted to know about Druidry but were afraid to ask”. This is very much a Druid 101 book. Many people use that term to describe a book lacking in substance, but that is not the case here. It’s full of substance and depth, but very much geared to the beginner on the path. The Crossroads Companion

I have to admit that I started out with quite a pissy attitude towards this book, as I have built a perception of an almost universal ‘druidry’ that is based on Welsh mythology and the literary forgeries of Iolo Morganwg. And before anyone comments, yes, I know I’m jaded and cynical. I expected more of the same ‘druidry’ as I had previously encountered, but found something quite different from my expectations. Overall, this book is significantly different from other sources on druidry in that it is uniquely Irish (the first Irish druidry book I know of), well sourced and substantiated, and a resource of starting points for developing personal practice. This is a book I recommend to people interested in something beyond ‘Celtic’ authors who make broad generalisations about ‘the Kelts’[sic]; to people who want perspectives on druidry not obviously rooted in Welsh romanticism; and lastly to Pagans in Ireland, or who identify their practice and worldview as Irish Pagan. This book is for you… Standing At The Centre

The Druid’s Primer is certainly a very informative work. It talks about the many aspects of Druidry from cosmology to the Gods and Goddesses to divination and Ogham. I’ve seen a lot of reviews of this book (as well as the blurbs on the book) saying that this book is distinctly Irish in flavor. Well, yes and no. The book does have a lot of Irish materials in it, however it is not JUST about the Irish material as it does have a lot of Welsh concepts in there like Awen and the Welsh names of some of the Feast days. In short, I would recommend this book to newbies as it does a very good job of explaining Druidry in an easy and simple way.

A useful and practical resource for seekers of druidry, as well as providing a template for what it means to be a modern druid in the present age. Recommended. The Cauldron

There are many books on the market that aim to introduce the seeker to the basics of Druidism, but The Druid's Primer by Luke Eastwood is perhaps the single best introduction book I have read. It's greatest strength is that it manages to present a great deal of modern Druidic material fairly and with clear references to the sources. The author has done a great deal of research into the historic material, which is also presented well and in an easily accessible manner.

Woden's Wandering Witch

For me as a Wiccan, whose only experience of druidry has been a few workshops, talks and rituals over the years, reading this has been an invaluable way of learning more about what druids do.If you want a single book on druidry that covers both the history and modern approaches to this pagan path, then this book by Luke Eastwood could well be what you are looking for.

The Druid’s Primer is an excellent book on the subject of Druidry and is an inspirational read for anyone who is seeking to tread this spiritual path.
Mind Body Spirit Magazine

An excellent book on Druidry. I like the fact that the author has used his extensive knowledge of ancient Celtic sources... Very highly recommended to all those of a Druid path, or indeed Pagans interested in ancient Pagan Irish culture and its use in the modern world. Pentacle

...he has written an indispensable handbook for both those already in the orders and those considering joining, as well as anyone else interested in the subject. Inspired by the medieval Irish Scholar's Primer, the book is the product of 15 years' research and examination of the role of the Druid in today's world, and has the special quality of an Irish perspective which adds to its uniqueness. Reference Books @ Suite 101

This book has attracted the positive attention of a number of established writers and practitioners within the Druidic Tradition, notably Philip Carr-Gomm, john Michael Greer and Caitlín Matthews. This book is a distillation of knowledge by the author who brings together his extensive knowledge of known written works and knowledge gained from personal experience... It is a story of Luke's personal quest, but it is also, as its title suggests, a primer for a person who would like to know more about the subject. Certainly worth a read! Brigid's Fire Magazine

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